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C2010-555 日本語版問題解説、C2150-612 模擬試験最新版 & C9010-262 勉強ガイド

たくさんのC2010-555 一発野心的な専門家がいって - 育成と自己検定のC2010-555 一発一番良い製品を提供いたします - トレーニング資料はとても良い選択なんですよC2010-555 一発 & ダメだった所が問題選択できて反復練習することですC2010-555 一発 & C2010-555 一発さらに開発された商品が & C2010-555 一発合格を提供いたして高い合格率を与えます、C2010-555 一発そうしたらあなたが - キャッシュのC2010-555 一発資格問題集 ダウンロード  - 時間を節約することC2010-555 一発、問題と解答が緊密に結んでいるものC2010-555 一発です - C2010-555 一発認定を学習道をリーダーする & 我々はあなたのC2010-555 一発認定試験の準備に利便性を提供するために - C2010-555 一発クラムメディア

Test C9010-262: IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2
Test preparation
Sample / Assessment Test
Test information:
Number of questions: 60
Time allowed in minutes: 120
Required passing score: 63%
Languages: English

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist - Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise V2

Power Systems Architecture and Product Family (37%)

Position why enterprise models may be preferred to scale-out models in order to satisfy customer needs.

Describe the Power Systems enterprise servers' features and functionality.

Recognize POWER8 compatibility with prior generations of Power Systems when planning to upgrade or migrate a customer's installed hardware and/or software.

Describe reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features of the Power Systems product family, especially those features that are exclusive to enterprise-class models.

Identify Capacity on Demand features and benefits and describe when each is appropriate, including CUoD, Elastic, Utility and Trial.

Describe Enterprise Pools prerequisites, capabilities and benefits.

Design solutions with expansion drawers, adapter cards, traditional disk, Solid State Drives (SSDs), and attached SAN and tape into a POWER8 solution.

Describe the benefits of POWER8 processor architecture, including SMT, L4 cache, balanced performance, clock speed, EnergyScale�, memory bandwidth, I/O bandwidth (PCIe Gen3), CAPI, etc. relative to prior Power Systems and competition.

Identify rack best practices for enterprise servers (e.g., I/O drawer placement, spacing, and cabling implications, "deracking", horizontal PDUs, IBM manufacturing options, etc.).

Virtualization and Cloud (18%)

Recognize when to configure physical I/O, virtual I/O or a combination of both.

Match hardware connectivity (Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI) with the types of virtualization (NPIV, vSCSI, SR-IOV, SEA).

Determine when shared storage pools are appropriate for an enterprise scenario.

Given a scenario, apply the capabilities of Live Partition Mobility.

Given a scenario, apply the resource sharing capabilities of Power Systems, including processors, memory, and I/O.

Given a business need and workload, design an appropriate virtualization solution (including how to virtualize).

Design an appropriate virtualization system management solution (consider: HMC, PowerVC, PowerVM NovaLink).

Design Solution to Customer Requirements (35%)

Given customer requirements, design an appropriate HMC solution, including Enterprise Pools, remote restart, performance and capacity management, virtualization management/co-management, redundant FSPs, multiple HMCs, and secure networking.

Incorporate appropriate existing hardware in a new configuration (e.g., disk drive migration, etc.).

Discuss the options that are available for attaching SAS storage to Power Systems enterprise servers.

Given a customer's requirements, describe the benefits of Integrated Facility for Linux.

Recognize that enterprise servers can be designated for CBU.

Describe the role of the Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) and how it is used to meet customer requirements.

Identify terms and conditions when implementing CoD (Capacity on Demand) offerings (e.g., CUoD, Utility, Elastic, Mobile Activations, Trial).

Utilize knowledge of key IBM cloud management offerings to address Power Systems customers' business imperatives for private and/or hybrid cloud (e.g. PowerVM NovaLink, PowerVC, IBM Cloud Orchestrator).

Utilize knowledge of key IBM cloud management offerings to address Power Systems customers' business imperatives for private and/or hybrid cloud.

Position key IBM analytics solutions on enterprise Power Systems (e.g., DB2 BLU, Cognos, SPSS relative to scalability over scale-out models)

Identify IBM's heterogeneous computing solution offerings (e.g., CAPI, GPU, FPGA).

Identify technical advantages that POWER8 enterprise servers provide for Linux workloads in terms of performance, price/performance, and workload consolidation.

Identify the processes that are possible to install and maintain hardware and software (e.g., firmware, FLRT, etc.).

Identify the benefits of PowerCare for enterprise servers.

Given a client's availability requirements (RTO/RPO), design an appropriate solution for business continuity and/or disaster recovery (e.g., PowerHA, backup/restore).

Competition (10%)

Identify the advantages of POWER8 processor technology vs x86.

Compare and contrast the value proposition of Power Systems solutions (e.g., SAP HANA) with competitive solutions (e.g., x86, Dell, HP, Oracle, etc.).

Position the advantages of PowerVM virtualization solutions relative to competition (e.g., Oracle, HP, Hyper-V, VMware).

All IBM certification tests presume a certain amount of "on-the-job" experience which is not present in any classroom, Web presentation or reference material. The recommended course and reference materials will help you gain the skill and product knowledge outlined in the test objectives. They do not teach the answers to the test questions, and are not intended to. This information may not cover all subject areas in the certification test, or may contain more recent information than is present in the certification test. Reviewing/studying the course and reference materials will not guarantee that you will achieve certification.
IBM POWER8 certification preparation education can be found at the sites below:
IBMers:  IBM Systems Academy
Business Partners or Clients: IBM PartnerWorld University

Assessment Test
To assess your current skill level and readiness for Test C9010-262 - IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2, you can take a Web-based assessment test.
Passing this assessment test does not result in achieving a credential. It is designed to provide diagnostic feedback on the Examination Score Report, correlating back to the test objectives, showing how you scored on each section of the test.
Number of questions: 60
Time allowed in minutes: 120
Passing score: 63%
Language: English
Test Fee: 30
Where: Pearson VUE on-line testing system (link resides outside of
Unit Area: Assessment: IBM Systems - Power Systems
Test Title: A9010-262 Assessment: IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2
A test fee applies worldwide to each time a test is taken, even if the same test is retaken. VISA, Master Card and American Express credit cards are accepted.
To access the assessment test, you will need to create a Pearson VUE account associated with IBM, and then follow the instructions below.
Test Selection
Sign into your account at Pearson VUE(link resides outside of
Click on the blue "View Online Exams" button
Under Section Assessment: IBM Systems - Power Systems
Select Assessment: IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2 from the list
Verify you selected the correct assessment test, click on the blue "Register for this Exam" button
If the test is offered in multiple languages, select your language and click the "Next" button
From this "My Order" page, verify the test information and fee due - click on the blue "Proceed to Checkout" button
Follow the steps indicated which include payment - you will be able to use vouchers or promotion codes during payment
Click on the blue "Begin Exam" button to launch the exam
You will have one day (24 hours) to begin the test from the time of payment.
You may cancel the test for a full refund at any time during the one day (24 hours) that the test is available to you. Please review Testing Policy For IBM online Test at Pearson Vue.
You will be able to find and print your score report and receipts from the Pearson VUE Home page when you are signed into your Pearson VUE account.

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試験科目:「IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analyst」



問題と解答:全70問 C2010-555 日本語版問題解説

>> C2010-555 日本語版問題解説



試験科目:「IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.6 Associate Analyst」



問題と解答:全55問 C2150-612 模擬試験最新版

>> C2150-612 模擬試験最新版



試験科目:「IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2」



問題と解答:全60問 C9010-262 勉強ガイド

>> C9010-262 勉強ガイド



Pass4TestのC2150-612 模擬試験最新版は実際のC2150-612 模擬試験最新版と同じです。この問題集は実際試験の問題をすべて含めることができるだけでなく、問題集のソフト版はC2150-612 模擬試験最新版の雰囲気を完全にシミュレートすることもできます。Pass4Testの問題集を利用してから、試験を受けるときに簡単に対処し、楽に高い点数を取ることができます。


Pass4Testを通してIBM C9010-262 勉強ガイドに合格することがやすくて、IBM C9010-262 勉強ガイドをはじめて受ける方はPass4Testの商品を選んで無料なサンプル(例年の試験問題集と解析)をダウンロードしてから、楽に試験の現場の雰囲気を体験することができます。オンラインにいろいろなIBM C9010-262 勉強ガイド集があるですけれども、弊社の商品は一番高品質で低価額で、試験の問題が絶えず切れない更新でテストの内容ともっとも真実と近づいてお客様の合格が保証いたします。それほかに、弊社の商品を選んで、勉強の時間も長くではありません。できるだけ早くIBM C9010-262 勉強ガイド「IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2」を通ろう。