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1z0-064 解説 & 1z0-064 資格模擬 - その1z0-064 解説ようなものとして & 資料はあなたに専門知識を提供するだけではなく1z0-064 解説 - 1z0-064 解説のエリートのグループがあって - 100%の1z0-064 解説合格率 - 1z0-064 解説対策 サンプル問題集、資格問題集 問題集資格1z0-064 解説、オラクルの1z0-064 解説試験の準備をしていたら、1z0-064 解説が最も重要な一つです - も合格の1z0-064 解説を保証します、1z0-064 解説決断を下ろしてください、あなたはオラクルの1z0-064 解説書籍試験に合格するのが難しく & もっと早くという資格を取りたかったら1z0-064 解説

NO.1 Enable adaptive thresholds to detect the workload patterns and set different threshold values as a
percentage of the maximum value.
Which option represents the required steps in the correct order? (Choose the best answer.)
A. 5, 1, 6, 8
B. 2, 4, 3
C. 4, 5, 7
D. 8. You execute this query twice in a session:
Then you query V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR for details about child cursors as shown.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. No statistics were collected during the first execution of the query.
B. A subsequent execution of the query in this session is likely to undergo a soft parse.
C. The second execution of the query was hard parsed because the estimated cardinality was
D. A subsequent execution of the query in this session will undergo a hard parse.
E. The second execution of the query was hard parsed because extended statistics were collected
after the first execution of the query.
E. 7. Examine the structure of the EMPLOYEES table.
EMPLOYEE_ID is the primary key. No other indexes exist on this table. View the Exhibit to examine
the commands and their output.
Which two actions should you perform to make the cursor bind aware? (Choose two.)
A. Create a histogram on the DEPARTMENT_ID column.
B. Change the default CURSOR_SHARING value to FORCE.
C. Execute the query with the same DEPARTMENT_ID value multiple times.
D. Create an index on the DEPARTMENT_ID column.
E. Gather statistics for the index.
F. Regather statistics on the table.
F. 5. Which two statements are true about Active Session History (ASH)? (Choose two.)
A. The Data Sample size available in an ASH report is dynamic and, at any given moment, is directly
related to the amount of work being performed.
B. ASH contains sampled data from all sessions that are connected to a database instance at any
given moment.
C. ASH samples data from V$SESSION every second.
D. An ASH report can be used to identify the service that may be the cause of a transient
performance problem.
G. 5, 7
H. 6. Examine the output of the query executed to diagnose the reason for performance degradation
of queries:
Which three factors will you investigate further to identify the cause of the performance
degradation? (Choose three.)
A. Check the number of disk sorts.
B. Check for the causes of the full table scans.
C. Check the number of chained or migrated rows.
I. 3, 4, 8
Answer: A,D,E,F,H

NO.2 Which two statements are true about ADDM? (Choose two.)
A. ADDM resource utilization and cost of analysis depends on the actual load on the database and the
number of performance problems analyzed.
B. It first identifies the performance symptoms, and then refines them to reach the root cause with
the singular aim of reducing the DB CPU metric.
C. It can analyze performance issues that occurred in past events provided they fall within the AWR
retention period.
D. It analyzes the performance of a database instance based on the time period covered by the most
recent AWR snapshot, and generates recommendations based on hard-coded criteria.
E. It documents only those components and wait classes that are significantly impacting the
performance of the database.
Answer: C,D

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弊社のOracle問題集を購入するなら、あなたは必ず後悔しません。我々は自分の商品に自信があります。お客様は我々の商品を利用したら、1z0-064 専門知識内容に合格できます。もし1z0-064 専門知識内容に落ちるなら、我々は返金できます。それとも、お客様はほかの試験に対応する問題集を交換するのを選ぶことができます。


Pass4TestのOracleの1z1-333 関連問題資料「Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials」試験トレーニング資料はPDFぼ形式とソフトウェアの形式で提供して、Pass4TestのOracleの1z1-333 関連問題資料と解答に含まれています。1z1-333 関連問題資料の真実の問題に会うかもしれません。そんな問題はパーフェクトと称するに足って、効果的な方法がありますから、どちらのOracleの1z1-333 関連問題資料に成功を取ることができます。Pass4TestのOracleの1z1-333 関連問題資料は総合的にすべてのシラバスと複雑な問題をカバーしています。Pass4TestのOracleの1z1-333 関連問題資料の問題と解答は本物の試験の挑戦で、あなたのいつもの考え方を変換しなければなりません。



試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning」



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常々、時間とお金ばかり効果がないです。正しい方法は大切です。我々Pass4Testは一番効果的な方法を探してあなたにOracleの1Z0-060日本語 合格率書籍に合格させます。弊社のOracleの1Z0-060日本語 合格率書籍を購入するのを決めるとき、我々は各方面であなたに保障を提供します。購入した前の無料の試み、購入するときのお支払いへの保障、購入した一年間の無料更新Oracleの1Z0-060日本語 合格率書籍に失敗した全額での返金…これらは我々のお客様への承諾です。