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試験科目:「IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2」
問題と解答:全45問 P2020-795 過去問

>> P2020-795 過去問

NO.1 A customer wants to deploy an optimization based solution in a scalable and high availability
(HA) deployment environment that provides failover and load balancing capabilities. Which
application server can be used for deploying Decision Optimization Center server components to
provide an HA environment?
A. Oracle WebLogic Server
B. WebSphere Application Server
C. WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
D. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
Answer: B


NO.2 A technical seller can identify an IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) opportunity versus
an IBM CPLEX opportunity when the customer's:
A. OR team has an existing OPL model and would like to solve it on a single desktop
B. IT team is interested in embedding the engine into a proprietary application.
C. OR team wishes to link the engine to IBM SPSS Modeler.
D. Business users want the ability to run what-if analysis and scenario comparisons.
Answer: D


NO.3 A manufacturing client has asked for a Proof of Concept on production scheduling. What is
the first thing the technical seller will need to work on?
A. Determine the components that need to be licensed and their sizing.
B. Start working on a first version of the mathematical model to better assess the complexity.
C. Find out when all required data will be available.
D. Ensure that there is a clear agreement on objectives, expected outcomes and the
responsibilities of each party.
Answer: D