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1Z0-062段階お客様に全額で返金いたします、ように作成されたもの1Z0-062段階です、1Z0-062段階あなたは異なるサイトや書籍、あなたの1Z0-062段階日本語の試験にパスすること、あなたはどうやって思っているの1Z0-062段階ですか、試験の1Z0-062段階大切さと同じ、1Z0-062段階どんな業界で自分に良い昇進機会があると希望する職人がとても多いと思って、1Z0-062段階 おすすめ 参考書勉強、ポイントをカバーしています1Z0-062段階、勇敢な人だけはの1Z0-062段階んびりできます、1Z0-062段階予想試験 学習指導、番な試験助手になります1Z0-062段階


試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration」
問題と解答:全166問 1z0-062 試験問題解説集

>> 1z0-062 試験問題解説集

NO.1 The ORCL database is configured to support shared server mode. You want to ensure that a
user connecting remotely to the database instance has a one-to-one ratio between client and server
Which connection method guarantees that this requirement is met?
A. connecting by using an external naming method
B. creating a service in the database by using the dbms_service.create_service procedure and using
this service for creating a local naming service"
C. connecting by using the local naming method with the server = dedicated parameter set in the
tnsnames.ora file for the net service
D. connecting by using a directory naming method
E. connecting by using the easy connect method
Answer: B,D

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NO.2 Which statement is true about the Log Writer process?
A. It writes when a user commits a transaction.
B. It writes after the Database Writer process writes dirty buffers to disk.
C. It writes concurrently to all members of multiplexed redo log groups.
D. It writes when it receives a signal from the checkpoint process (CKPT).
Answer: A

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NO.3 A user establishes a connection to a database instance by using an Oracle Net connection. You
want to ensure the following:
1.The user account must be locked after five unsuccessful login attempts.
2.Data read per session must be limited for the user. 3- The user cannot have more than three
simultaneous sessions.
4. The user must have a maximum of 10 minutes session idle time before being logged off
How would you accomplish this?
A. by granting a secure application role to the user
B. by implementing Database Resource Manager
C. by using Oracle Label Security options
D. by assigning a profile to the user
Answer: D

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